Let’s get this blog started!

Back in my twenties two things were unthinkable – having babies and growing old in London. One down and one to go!

On the eve of my fortieth birthday, I’ve decided to blog my way out of the boredom of domestic chores and child rearing. I can vent, pontificate and muse to my heart’s content.  I’m brimming with the excitement of leading a double life – virtual and real!

The big plans I’m hatching for this blog will materialise in the fullness of time, but for now it’s just me “under construction”.

Surely the beauty of blogging is spontaneity and impulse. So I’m hoping this blog will evolve and take on its own personality. I see it as a sort of voyage of blog-discovery. My passions are writing and researching. I intend to indulge both here!





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About Rachel

Welcome to my blog! I'm a freelance features writer, seasoned researcher and mum of two. I love to write. My inspiration comes from peoples' stories, everyday observations, cultural encounters, all things vintage and smart wordsmithery! This is my outlet to share work, bounce around ideas and, on occasion, beat the block.

One thought on “Let’s get this blog started!

  1. Rachel – you write beautifully , keep it up. Plus, why did we not know you were 40….i was looking forwards to throwing up in the loos! Great to see you and the 3 boys on Saturday, hope to do it again soon. xx

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